1. What is Content Domain and what services does it provide?

Content Domain is a digital platform providing intellectual property, web copy and content including newsletters, articles of various subjects, press release, copy for brochures, creative writing services and much more. Content Domain’s exclusive team of writers and marketing experts are geared to write copy and content for your organization’s needs.Click here to get a free quotation on your current project needs.

2. Does Content Domain provide any services besides writing services?

In the future Content Domain aims to provide unique graphic arts images, professional level compelling photography, and streaming media such as flash presentations of music and video tailored to a client’s individual need. At this time the company’s focus is strictly on providing various entities with compelling SEO content and copywriting services to assist in their individual success and Search Engine Optimization.

3. How is pricing on Content Domain set?

There is no set pricing of Content Domain’s services. Given that the job of composing seo content and copy for different entities is a varied task, there are no set pricings available but based on time constraints, a company’s budget and specific needs are considered as pertinent factors when determining a price. Please refer to our quotations page giving us a concise and detailed description of your project and company’s needs for a free quotation. However, there are set pricings for Search Engine Optimization where client’s sites are optimized for the same terms click here to learn more .

4. Are discounts available for users of your services?

Yes, discounts are available for companies that plan on purchasing bulk services at a single given time.

5. How will content buyers pay for their content purchases?

Payment may be made by Paypal/WorldPay, credit card and in some cases by check. PayPal payments may be addressed to mailto:payment@ContentDomain.com

6. Why would web entities and companies want to use Content Domain?

The business logic for using Content Domain is simple: some things are better left to professionals, not excluding your company’s content, especially web content and SEO copywriting. Web content and copy is the premier source of converting Internet traffic to sales or return users of your website. Content Domain will enable your company to market your goods and services on the net by providing traffic-driven optimized content, and composing professional SEO copy for your company’s content needs.

7. Who owns the intellectual property created by Content Domain?

Content created by Content Domain will remain the property of the company’s that contracted the work, and its use will be contingent on the content owner expressing the creation of it by ContentDomain.com – by placing our company’s link on their site. Those who buy content, typically online or print publishers, must accept license agreements and specific terms and conditions stated by content owners, for its’ legal use. Content Domain incorporates this common business practice to ensure the utmost in professionalism and reliability.

8. What is Search Engine Optimization?

Click here to learn more about SEO.

9. Does Content Domain offer Search Engine Optimization services?

Yes, Content Domain does offer Search Engine Optimization and has a team of web developers, programmers and other SEO practitioners whom are skilled in the science and craft of optimizing a website and follow all ethical rules and guidelines set forth by the major search engines such as Google, to fully ensure higher rankings for your organization’s website.

10. Does Content Domain work closely with a client?

Yes, Content Domain associates work very closely with a client on their project needs and typically consult with a client based on their current requests and requirements, to guarantee satisfaction.

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