SEO Paranoia and an Existentialist’s Cry for the Internet’s Greatest Gift: Freedom!

Thu, Jun 3, 2010

Steve’s Take

Search Engine Optimization as an industry is an incredibly volatile field to say the absolute least. What with Google and its guidelines, algorithm updates, reports of click fraud and the inconsistency of industry standards and protocols – bottom line is this business is not for the faint of heart!

The industry as a whole is in part based upon the major search engines, such as Google and their Webmaster guidelines, which basically means one to three entities control the fate and destiny of an entire industry of professionals. Its the American dream… scratch that’ the American reality; where one percent of the population control the wealth, assets and direction of the remaining ninety-nine.

In the context of SEO, one has to remember that the entire Internet industry must always keep the end user in mind. If it doesnt make sense to the end-user then it will likely not last – and more or less be a trend’ that brings me to the craft and concept of SEO copywriting. My stance and standpoint as a copywriter (sans SEO), is to always have my clients message in mind and to convey that message to the target audience, without making it come off overbearing, but rather simply establish a connection. And when you chuck SEO in the mix, we now have to consider keyword density and keyword phrasing. Its a fine line I have to walk.

Do you write for the engines or the target audience? If you ask a Google Exec., theyll tell you to write for the audience, but if you could communicate with the algo, then it would most likely say (in algo speak of course), “That if you dont write with the variables of the algo in mind and dont optimize properly then youre losing out on an entire dearth of lateral keyword phrases and inflexions, which basically means youre losing out on a shit load of potential traffic and thus the loss of sales and monetization.” Yes, algorithms curse and speak in run-on sentences.

I guess this (SEO protocol) all makes sense now, right up until the time Google makes a drastic algorithm update. At least Ill know Ill still be writing after that’ if that day ever comes. Whether its content or copy’ print or online, the bottom line is SEO is all the hype now, but will it be so critical a few years from now? I guess thats the question that were all dying to know as SEOs!

One thing I know for sure thatll always be a mainstay is Pay-Per-Click advertising and Search Marketing. Hopefully devoid of click fraud! More on that later’

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