Press Releases and how they Relate to SEO & Online Promotions

Thu, Jun 3, 2010

Steve’s Take

The concept of a press release has been so distorted with its recent ubiquitous usage and distribution online. The bottom line is that a press release is just that; a release to the press’ and the press is only considered with one thing and one thing only: news. Now, what someone deems news is contingent upon their own views and personal connection to the story, (or potential story in question). The way I define news to my clients is: news is anything noteworthy to the overall disposition of your organization and its current position in its marketplace. So, anything significant to you and your company has to be considered significant to your audience, for the sake of online (SEO related) press releases.

With that in mind, the next step I review with the client is that the press release is in no way to be structured as a sales pitch. The intention and ideal goal of the release is to entice a journalist to’pick-up the story and contact us for an interview, which brings us to the second (SEO concerned) goal of the online press release: to get indexed within the search engines, news search engines, blog search engines and tag based engines. Basically, to get the name of the company, the web link and keywords associated with the company to be spread in as many places online as possible … in the hopes that it will drive targeted-traffic, and increase inbound links to the web site.

The following is a select list various online media outlets, both free and paid, which submits a clients press release to:

One very important thing to keep in mind is that PR News Wire and Business Wire are two “traditional” and more expensive news wire services to submit press releases … these should only be submitted for your most newsworthy and more important announcements.


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