Is Increasing Web Traffic w/o Supreme Content Possible?

Thu, Jun 3, 2010

Steve’s Take

In some circles, after reading the title of this entry, this could and possibly should be the shortest article ever written, commencing and concluding with two letters followed by a period: No.

But we’re going to get creative, as marketing and creative executives do! So let’s say you have a site, and let’s say you don’t possess the most in-depth knowledge of web authoring tools to update your site on a regular basis, along with not wanting to incorporate and market yourself as a blog/blogger. It’s a tough situation, which many have tried to solve by offering e-based solutions for the fledgling web entrepreneur. The bottom line is that developing useful, informative and engaging content is the only way to improve the stickiness or services of your web site.

Various (simple and short-end) solutions can be to hire a professional if either you or your company can afford it, to develop compelling content and web copy. Another alternative is to employ a PPC ad campaign, which can be incredibly costly and disastrous if you don’t know what you’re doing. And finally, as we started this topic, you may need to get creative, with viral marketing efforts, employing alternative SEM campaigns such as what offers or buying succinct, catchy domains that are easy to remember and have compelling content which will create that ever-so-desired buzz.

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