Click Fraud, the Pending Doom of the Internet

Thu, Jun 3, 2010

Steve’s Take

Pay-Per-Click advertising is huge business. So huge that many companies and individuals rely on the integrity of the service in order to survive and thrive on the net.

I’m not about to get into a sob story of some mid-sized company getting their marketing dollars drained and drilled due to fraudulent clicks on their pay-per-click ad campaign. If you want to read about that, click to read a story on click fraud featured in Wired.

What I would like to mention are the pathetic souls who sit and click on their fraudulent asses and could possibly contribute to the demise or better yet the restructuring of how entities conduct business on the Internet. The bottom-line is in the end, in some way shape or form the little guy’s going to pay for the fraud committed by a select few (other little guys mind you) who tried to cheat the system and get ahead. Akin to insurance fraud, the people who get screwed in the end are not necessarily the Insurance Companies (I can give a rat’s rear-end about a billion dollar entity getting screwed out of a little money), but rather the consumers who must pay for Insurance!

There are alternatives to advertising and promoting your web site on a shoe-string budget. Submitting press releases to various online media outlets are always great … free ads are another one … and oh heaven forbid using and advertising in another search engine from time to time to promote your website may also prove to be beneficial!

Cosmodex (although I’m biased since my brother is the founder), is a viable solution. Check it out for now.

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Just think … when Google first started, many people actually preferred HotBot over it! Sad, but yet pathetically true. Maybe HotBot’s demise was that the ‘T’ in Bot was a little too close to the ‘Y’ key and thus commonly and mistakenly entered as’ and I wont even dare link to that! Feel free to punch that one in yourselves.

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